Wilkinson Building Advisors is committed to delivering energy effective and sustainable solutions whether you are an investor or owner.

The solutions are actionable steps to successfully manage projects and reduce the associated risks that come with complexity. 

Key among these servvices are cost estimating in the pre-construction phase of a project.

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We provide experienced leadership, and expert management to find the fragile spots in your project decision-flow and reconfigure them before they break.


Take a look at and download some of our guidelines:

Project Fitness Guidelines



An architectural engineer with deep experience, George Wilkinson creates effective, design-build and project development teams.

Wilkinson Building Advisors brings business development best practices and market differentiation to your firm.

Wilkinson Business Advisors understands that professional leadership is bedrock in the planning and construction industry. We are an intentionally small and affordable consulting practice with large experience that can help implement best practices as a pathway to success!

Your building decisions can help push back climate change and improve the bottom line.

Wilkinson Building Advisors actively design collections of high-performance, sustainable buildings in order to address climate change. These designs seek to solve supply chain disruption and meet customer schedules.

Design features

  • environmentally friendly wood assemblies grown and fabricated in America
  • energy effective walls and roof
  • economical and comfortable indoor climate systems using advanced energy exchange and ventilation 
  • onsite power generation and optional storage
  • workspace enhancements for productivity and well-being
  • pandemic resistant indoor air systems
  • reduced construction time due to a high degree of off-site completion
  • reduced construction costs due to standardized designs and details