Experts in Design-Building for Resilience

As Vice-president project executive, led design and construction for the second tallest building in Minneapolis ; formed a team of 25 people over a two-year period to create a 58 story tower in downtown Minneapolis. Worked in close cooperation with Opus real estate executives and the IBM corporate real estate group in Connecticut.

Led design and construction for the original Opus Corporation development effort to build towers in downtown Minneapolis;  formed two teams to build a 20 story and 40 story series of towers in downtown Minneapolis.

Representated the US bank real estate group in negotiations with Opus Corporation in connection with design and construction of S. Robert St. executive offices and administrative services.

Led site planning and early site development studies for a large urban tower built on an abandoned railroad yard; planning involved working with large national contractor (Kiewitt Corp) for extraordinary industrial waste cleanup to prepare the site for development.

Provided planning and development support for Holland Partners in Denver in connection with development of a luxury apartment complex in North Denver. The north Denver project was a vanguard project in Denver in which the Holland organization was the designer, builder, and developer.This consulting work was also done in collaboration with Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects (Denver).

WPA provided site layout support as well as planning leadership for selection of substructure, superstructure, and enclosure systems in a large luxury complex (over 500 units). Provided cutting edge energy use planning; applied unique Denver building code opportunities in connection with indoor climate and domestic hot water. This consulting work was done in collaboration with Holland Partner Group, and Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects (Denver).

Supported the State of Minnesota predesign process to apply for capital bond funding (bi-annual Omnibus Capital Bonding bill) as well as program development. Provided administrative support during the ongoing design and construction phases for revitalization of the treasured and oldest residential hall at BSU.

Supported the State of Minnesota predesign process to apply for capital bond funding (bi-annual Omnibus Capital Bonding bill) as well as program development; provided management oversight during design and construction phases of this innovative Suite style living for upperclassmen.

Wilkinson Building Advisors is working on a demonstration project for several mixed use, mass-timber buildings in Minneapolis. If implemented, this project would support the mission of the WoodWorks Wood Products Council and the Softwood Lumber Board to further the use of timber products.